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Dual Degree Programs

“4+1 Masters Programs” are essentially accelerated degree programs that an increasing number of colleges have begun offering to students. To cut it short, this dual degree program allows students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just five years. While admission to these programs after entering college is possible, I would personally recommend you to look into these programs prior to the onset of your college career.


While this trend is starting to set in, keep in mind that all colleges do NOT offer this program, and the ones that do, do NOT necessarily offer it in all areas of study. This is exactly why it can help you a great deal to do your research thoroughly and beforehand.


Another really crucial factor you must be mindful of are the financial credentials of these programs in relation to your affordability. You might also want to find out whether or not financial aid packages can be applied to suchlike programs at your school of interest.


One thing, however, you cannot simply overlook is what truly lies in your heart and your future goals. This is the highest precedent you should set, according to me, in the whole long list of criteria you may take into consideration for making that final decision – the decision that will make or break your future.


Before you pursue anything, remember to make sure you’re ready. But if and when you know you are, make sure you buckle up and give it your all!

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