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Studying Techniques and Strategies for Students

  • Getting an 800 on the Math section of the SAT is no herculean task as long as you familiarize yourself with the material well ahead of time and get a good number of hours of practice in. Still, many struggle to achieve this, and often the reason are careless mistakes made in a mad rush to finish the test.
  • Work hard. Obvious enough? I surmised as much. The key is to work hard in areas you are struggling with, instead of strengthening yourself in areas you know you are already proficient with.
  • Self-analysis is paramount for the SAT test-takers. Track your progress every step of the way, but try to take a multifaceted approach to this; work in regulated time frames, calculate your scores after every practice test and pinpoint all your weak links.
  • Understand yourself. Decide which kind of learning style is best suited to your tendencies and/or needs. You may be a visual, aural or kinesthetic learner, or you may be none of the aforementioned.

There is a plethora of studying techniques and strategies for students that can be discovered and then deployed to optimize performance for each of those categories, and also general strategies that can expedite the study process for all students; in the end, you should find your own path.

University Connection can guide students on the best tricks, tips and techniques to study for most productive results.

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