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How to get into Ivy League College


If you wish to pursue your under graduation or master’s from the US, the Ivy League colleges are most likely to catch your attention. To begin with, an Ivy League college is a group association of 8 private colleges in the northeast part of the US. These eight colleges are highly competitive athletic universities in the US. The colleges considered as Ivy college are:

  1. Harvard University, Massachusetts
  2. University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
  3. Cornell University, New York
  4. Brown University, Rhode Island
  5. Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
  6. Yale University, Connecticut
  7. Princeton University, New Jersey
  8. Columbia University, New York

Getting selected in one of these Ivy League universities is like a dream come true. The Ivy League colleges are known for students with high-performance rates, strong passion about what they believe in, high esteem and excellent career opportunities. Many famous economists, lawyers, artists, Nobel laureates, politicians, and authors are alumni of these universities.

Since these colleges help students in developing prospering careers, the application rate is very high. With the application acceptance rate of less than 9%, it becomes difficult to get an entry here. The overall acceptance rate of different ivy colleges are:

  1. Harvard university – 4.5% acceptance rate
  2. Yale university – 5.9% acceptance rate
  3. Princeton university – 5.8% acceptance rate
  4. Columbia university – 5.1% acceptance rate
  5. Brown university – 6.3% acceptance rate
  6. Dartmouth college – 7.9% acceptance rate
  7. University of Penn – 7.4% acceptance rate
  8. Cornell university – 9% acceptance rate

With such a low acceptance rate, the main question is, how to get into Ivy League colleges? There are certain parameters to consider while applying for these esteemed universities.

Steps to consider

To get into Ivy League colleges is difficult, but there are many students who, through their hard work and dedication, get in. However, there are a series of factors that must be considered before applying to any Ivy League university.

  • Grades – Grades or GPA is the first selecting parameter. There is no specific score mentioned for any Ivy League university, but it’s crucial to keep a high score consistently. The higher the score, the better it is. It always gives the admissions office something extra to gauge you with. For your application to shine, the choice of the curriculum also matters. If you have some challenging subjects in your curriculum, then your GPA weightage increases. For an Ivy League university, an average of 4.0% or more weightage is considered good.
  • Test scores – To get into an ivy league university, you will have to take a Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT). The score of these tests determines whether you will get a call interview from the universities. A score no less than 1470 on SAT and 32 on the ACT is considered good. You will have to prepare well to get the desired result in these tests. Even if the universities are going test-optional, remember, that they are not entirely test-blind. So you must give these tests a shot and excel at them!
  • Extracurricular activities – Today, marks are not the only important parameter in an Ivy League university. Along with your academic score, you will have to make sure you actively participate in various extracurricular activities such as debate competitions, panel discussions, etc. Ivy League universities want students who are not only good in academics but also in various other activities. Read our blog on what makes a strong profile.
  • Integrated activities – Let us understand this parameter with an example. Consider a high school student who has taken up political science as a subject. Now, if that student takes part in extracurricular activities related to politics, it will be helpful for him since it reflects his interest and passion in the field. Ivy League colleges want you to focus on one thing so that you can become perfect in that field. You have got to be unstoppable to achieve this dream life of yours!
  • Look for unique opportunities – While in high school, you should continually look for areas that will help you grow as a person. Select activities and subjects that interest you. Follow the lines of your passion. Look for ways in which you can contribute to your community and help it grow in your own unique ways. Check out some of the cool personal projects that UC students have worked on.


Application know-how

Developing a passion and continuing on that path is good. When it comes to application form filling for an ivy university, you need to be very careful. There are various sections and parts of the application form like

Self-introductory essay – This is one of the main parts of the application form. A self-introductory essay is like an article about yourself. Through this, the college wants to understand what kind of a person you are. The self-introduction article requires you to analyze yourself. The only way to write a good self-introductory article is to be authentic about yourself. Explain your work, your dreams.

Select the best college for you – All the Ivy League universities are great, but which one of them will be beneficial for you, you will have to decide that. Brown University is known for its creative subjects, Harvard University is famous for business, law, and economics. Likewise, each college has some unique speciality attached to it.

Fill the form accordingly – Once you have decided which college you have to apply to, fill in the application form accordingly. Every Ivy League university has its own set of cut-offs and benchmarks.

Family connections – If you are a relative of an Ivy League college alumni, mention it. Ivy League colleges give preference to students who have some link with the college.


Ivy League universities are prestigious colleges that every student dreams of going to. But to crack the application cut-offs can be difficult. Maintaining good grades, good marks in SATs, good continuity, and integration of extracurricular activities are some of the main parameters.  Having said that, applying is the only way forward. You can make your success story happen!

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