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Are You Thinking of Applying for an Undergrad degree in the United States?

When planning to study abroad, the US always continues to be the top preference for international students, especially those from India. The country not only boasts of some of the top universities in the world, but also promises one of the best adventures a person can experience.

Thanks to their liberal arts system and strong STEM programs, the U.S. produces students who are well educated across multiple disciplines. From finding excellent programs to experiencing a dynamic range of career opportunities, here are a few reasons why you should consider studying in the US:

● Flexible education system
● Academic excellence
● Cultural diversity
● Vibrant campus community
● Extensive support for international students
● Cutting edge technology

Given below is a list of some of the best universities the U.S that UC students have got through:

● Boston University
● Marist College
● University of Massachusetts Amherst
● Drexel University
● Indiana University
● New York University
● University of Pennsylvania
● UC Berkeley
● Bryn Mawr College
● Smith College
● Clark University
● Wesleyan University
● The Savannah College of Art and Design
● Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Getting admitted into these Ivy League colleges is no less than a dream come true situation.

What’s the process of applying in the U.S. Universities for Indian Students?

Universities in the U.S. follow a system of bi-semester, which means their academic year is split into two semesters. So it depends on students which season they are willing to join – spring or fall.

Grades: All your scores from Grade 9th onwards are important.
Test Scores: SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS are mandatory for students
Letters of Recommendation: 1 LOR from your school counselor, 1 LOR from your teacher and/or any other LOR are usually needed for applications
Activity profile: Your extracurricular activities and academic achievements matter the most.
Essays: The universities are interested in knowing who you are. Your essays give you a chance to shine!
University deadlines: Know the different deadlines provided by the university. Early action, early decision and regular decision are terms that you’ll often hear.
Interviews: Apply for the universities and courses which fit best in your interest. After being shortlisted by the respective universities, you have to appear for interviews and apply for a visa if you are selected.

University Connection advises the aspirants to start the process six months before the deadline. Our counselors will help you in giving your best shot, which will ultimately lead your career to a brighter path with tremendous opportunities. There are a number of museums, monuments, beautiful landscapes, and centers of entertainment which will make it worthy for you to study there.

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