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5 Stages When you need Career Counselling

In this fiercely competitive modern day, young students may often feel burdened by responsibilities and expectations. You may feel constrained, not only by these expectations to do well and achieve success, but by lack of clarity regarding what to choose and how to prepare for it. It is more tiresome to work hard when you’re not sure about your choices and lack focus.

We are often influenced by those around us and can limit ourselves to their experiences if we aren’t conscious enough. This is where career counselling for students comes into the picture. From gauging one’s strengths and weaknesses to truly understanding where one’s interest and abilities lie, professional guidance can prove to be extremely beneficial for students at various stages in their lives.

Here are 5 Stages / Situations when you know you need Career Counselling:
1. You’re unable to set focus on one goal –
Lack of a goal brings a sense of being directionless, which in turn can negatively affect your confidence and further blur decision making.
Thus, if there is such a situation, you should certainly seek professional guidance to understand what goal is best for you to set focus upon.

2. Grades 9 and 10 –
Fresh into high school, one of the most confusing decisions can be about the stream to choose, and most people end up choosing streams that they later regret. Having clarity of thought regarding future prospects, et al. can help you make the right decision. Thus, class 9 and 10 is the most apt time for professional career guidance and college planning. This is also the crucial time to engage with college planner who can educate you about scholarships that can make it happen.

3. Grades 11 and 12 –
This stage has immense competition as everyone is vying for those top seats at prestigious colleges across the world. Professional career support during this phase can not only help you with your choice making, but also equip you with a better profile, planning and strategies to deal with the cut-throat competition in the area of your choice.

4. Mid college –
During college and even soon after, there are again many questions; whether to take up a job or pursue higher studies, whether to study in India or go abroad, etc. Since the margin for error becomes smaller as you grow older, during such times it is even more important to seek guidance. Something as simple as basic career counselling online, where you talk to a professional over a solution-oriented session can help bring great clarity to your decisions.

5. Your talent seems wasted at your current job –
There are times when frustration builds up at a certain job. From uninteresting work to a bad work environment or the feeling that you are under paid, you may at some stage feel the need to change your job. During these times, the fear of choosing wrong is the highest and by far the most practical.

You ought to take career guidance during such situations for a well informed decision that doesn’t bring in regret later.

In conclusion, even though classes 9 and 10 are the time when you must go for counselling, there’s no wrong time for guidance. At University Connection we believe in making the most of the resources available to us, and with our dedicated team of professionals always ready to aid you in your journey, be assured that you’ll get the right guidance to achieve your full potential.

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