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Top 8 Foreign Scholarships to Study Abroad For Indian Students

Scholarships, bursaries, and fellowships are excellent ways to cut your foreign school costs. Governments and colleges all around the globe place a premium on high-achieving students. There are various scholarship programs in place to attract the best and brightest minds to their different countries.

Types of Scholarships that are offered:

A variety of scholarships to study abroad are available for all types of international students. With some strategic preparation and thorough proper research, you might be able to get the best of them. The following are the most common types of scholarships to study abroad:

    ● Merit-basis: A student’s academic record or extracurricular activities, such as sports achievements and community service, are considered.

    ● Student specific: Scholarships to study abroad are available to students who meet specific criteria, such as gender, ethnicity, religion, family, and medical history.

    ● Destination specific: Several government agencies, governments, and institutions award scholarships and grants to students from a particular nation. For example, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers scholarships, as does the UK Government’s Chevening fellowship for international students from Commonwealth nations.

    ● Subject-specific: Students who wish to pursue a particular subject of study from a particular department may be eligible for scholarships from a few colleges and universities.

    ● Need-Based: These scholarships are given based on your parent’s financial situation and are aimed at financially challenged students who can’t afford to pay the full tuition fee. Authorities may request papers such as total family income, tax returns, employment verification, and so on.

    ● Athletic scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to outstanding athletes and require you to participate in hard training and represent your university at competitions while balancing your studies.

With so many possibilities, we understand how difficult it may be to decide which Scholarship to pursue. This is why our foreign education specialists help you to identify and apply for the most significant scholarships available to help ease your financial burden.

So, let’s have a look at some of the top International Scholarships for Indian Students.

Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships

Scholarship Amount

All living and associated costs, including Tuition fees, are all included.


     ● Students must have earned a 55 percent aggregate grade equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the United States.

     ● They should have shown leadership abilities and have three years of professional experience, and a strong desire to return to India again and help their community.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount is variable and is set by the country, the course being followed, and the tuition cost. On the other hand, the Scholarship primarily covers school costs, travel, living expenses, including insurance.


     ● Students from all around the world are welcome to participate.

     ● The student must have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution. They may also hold an educational equivalence certificate.

Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships

Scholarship Amount

A monthly salary, round-trip economy class plane tickets, J-1 Visa Support, Sickness Program, a mishap, and a small settlement in the allowance are all included in the package.


     ● Indians who apply for this Scholarship to study in the United States must be enrolled in a PhD program at a university of India.

     ● The projected PhD hypothesis submission date shouldn’t be sooner than three months after the Fulbright Nehru grant expiration date.

     ● This Scholarship is intended for Indian PhD students to do the research necessary to their dissertations/theses. An applicant must send a copy of a published/presented article or excerpts from a Master’s or M.Phil. Thesis to the online application form.

Inlaks Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

The highest amount of money that may be granted as a scholarship is $100,000.


Students who apply for this Scholarship must be Indian citizens with a strong bachelor’s degree from an Indian university and must also be under 30 years old and accepted into a reputable university.

Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship

Scholarship Amount

The package includes a monthly income, J-1 Visa, round-trip for economy class airline tickets, mishap and Sickness Program, a minor settling in stipend.


     ● This is for Indian scholars pursuing a PhD at any Indian university, and are affiliated with a host institution in the US throughout the grant time.

     ● The deadline for submitting a PhD thesis should not be more than three months after the Fulbright Nehru grant ends.

     ● An applicant must upload a copy of a published or presented article or Research paper to the online application form. Extracts from the Master or M. Phil hypothesis can be uploaded too.

The Indian government’s National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship Amount

Tuition fees and additional educational costs, including Maintenance, travel expenditures, contingency allowance, and so on, are covered by this Government of India grant for further studies overseas. It is a Scholarship to study abroad for Indian students only.


Applicants must satisfy the following requirements to be taken into consideration for the Scholarship:

     ● The Scheduled Castes include Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Landless, and Traditional Artisans, Semi- Nomadic Nomads, and Nomadic Nomads, Agricultural Laborers.

     ● Must have Scored 55 percent in the undergrad or 55 percent in postgrad (for those applying for PhD).

     ● It would help if you were under the age of 35.

     ● Have a total household income of less than INR. 6,000,000.

     ● It is not permitted to have several brothers or sisters receiving similar or identical Scholarships.

Great Wall Program

Scholarship Amount

A full scholarship, including tuition, housing, medical insurance, and assured stipend.


Students seeking this Scholarship should be under 45 years old and hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree (or its equivalent) to consider.

Orange Tulip Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

The value fluctuates and may range from a full-tuition Fee to a 50% discount in tuition costs to only a 25% reduction in study fees. In addition, it’s conceivable that scholarships will be used to cover visa fees or living expenses. 


Applicants for Scholarships must be Indian citizens who were admitted or currently enrolled at any Dutch university.

Our Success Story

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And many more…

Students who choose University Connection quickly get into their desired universities without having to worry about money. You may read more about the scholarships that some of our students have received on our yearbook.


A global education may transform a person’s life, which is why millions of students leave their home countries each year to study abroad. However, for many, the fees might be prohibitive, and a scholarship is the only option to pursue their goal of studying abroad.

The good news is that Indian students now have various alternatives since many governments and colleges worldwide offer foreign scholarships for Indian students. The most important thing is to obtain the correct advice at the right time. University Connection provides a comprehensive collection of instructions intended as a road trip to assist you in going through your ideal college.

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