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UC Students Top Scholarships for International Students

Studying abroad can turn out to be expensive for many Indian students. But the good news is that colleges and universities will readily help their students find study abroad scholarships and international grants. Scholarships are designed to ease off the financial burden, thus becoming an integral part of every dream and also the complete application and admissions process.

What are the different kinds of scholarships available to international students?

  • Merit based scholarships : A merit scholarship is awarded based on a student’s level of success and does not take financial status into consideration.
  • Need based scholarships: Most often, a university calculates a student’s financial need by looking at how much a family can afford and then subtracting this amount from the total cost of attendance. While some schools fund the full financial need of admitted international students, making them ‘need-aware’, one still needs to be a strong applicant for the same.
  • Discipline-specific scholarships: Most scholarships will be available once you have an offer and/or have made the university your firm/top choice. They will vary from course and nationality, so carefully check you are eligible before applying. It is also worth checking the Faculty webpages for information on scholarships. You can find which faculty your course falls under on the course page.
  • Athletic scholarships: An athletic scholarship is a kind of merit award for students who excel at their sport.

How can you apply for scholarships?

  • Automatically considered for scholarships
  • Fill out a separate application
  • Get nominated by school

Here are some of the scholarships that University Connection #UCstudents received in the last few years. This is not an exhaustive list, but the overall scholarships are touching close to 45 Million Dollars in the last 3 years alone.

  • The DSB Dean’s Entrance Award at York
  • International Computer Science Excellence scholarship at Sheffield
  • University of Toronto International Scholar Award
  • Global Excellence Scholarship at Dundee
  • Presidential Scholarship at Marist
  • Chancellor’s Award at UMass
  • Trustee Scholarship at Wesleyan College
  • Holland Scholarship
  • J. Drexel Scholarship
  • Global Engagement Scholarship at Indiana
  • Dean’s Award at Santa Cruz
  • Alberta Scholarship

Remember it’s never too early to start preparing and planning for college. Start now!

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