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UnivReach – The College Fair @UC

University Connection launched #UnivReach in September 2021—India’s first location-specific virtual college fair!

In the spirit of #bridgingthegap, UnivReach–The College Fair @ UC was simply a conscious effort to bring well-researched, diverse opportunities to families and progressive schools not just in the big cities but everywhere! The idea was to provide access to quality education for all.

This was strategically planned in 10 fairs (in 10 locations) to help students and families across India witness educators engage in meaningful conversations.

The College Fair @UC promised to revolutionize university outreach and was widely covered by different media outlets. Here’s a sneak peek into a few articles:

UC has always kept students’ dreams a priority. The active participation of over 4,000 registered participants has helped us better understand virtual fairs and their effectiveness.

We look forward to connecting with more educational institutions and assisting students from every nook and cranny. Our goal is to bring you the best career advice from around the globe.

For more strategies on optimizing your college preferences and career choices, please check out our website and book a free session with an expert today.

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