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Why is Career Counseling important ?


The students nowadays live a very challenging life due to the pressure they have on their heads. The pressure to perform academically, the pressure to choose a career forcibly, and the pressure to find a suitable job are all that make the life of a student not less than a burden. All this can be in place if the right career decisions are made because career decisions are life decisions and they aren’t something to compromise with.

Career counseling lets you know and understand yourself by determining your true passion and inclination. It defines a pathway to your career proportional to your personality and helps in mapping the necessary skills required. Many times, students are seen confused between career choices and that’s when they need to be taken to counselors. Parents are indeed the best counselors but, it is always a good idea to take professional help. It helps in creating awareness of potential careers and the respective earning opportunities associated whilst providing overall support and motivation.

Career Counseling could be worth your while for the following reasons:

  • Analyze your Aptitude: Aptitude tests conducted by counselors can bring out the strong academic areas of a particular student. This empowers the students to make an informed decision when making career decisions.
  • Escape confusion: The common question “what to choose?” is sometimes quite haunting for students. Seeking career advice leads to clarity of thoughts and facilitates decision making.
  • Clarity on future goals: Very few students have the answer to the question – “where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” and the main reason is that most of the students are unclear about their future goals and ambitions. In this situation, career counseling plays a vital role; a brainstorming session with your counselor could get you the answer to your question.
  • Explore study programs: There are umpteen study programs in India and abroad. But the question here is – “Do you want to stay in India or abroad for study?” Taking professional help from a career adviser is perhaps, the best way to understand the career prospects in different countries and regions.
  • Earning opportunities: Here comes the most important aspect for any student. Before enrolling in any course the factor of utmost concern is the potential earning opportunities with a particular career and this could be made sure with the help of a career advisor.
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