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Education is GREAT : BREXIT

9th November’16 (Wednesday): De Montfort University in collaboration with the University of Sheffield hosted an event at Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi to celebrate the importance of international students and international collaboration. The event was aimed to bring together Alumni, potential students, professionals, and media in order to drive out the myths spread out about the implications of Brexit and thus, to reassure that the UK is still a welcoming country for all global students.

The event started with a networking lunch followed by a press conference and then a Q&A session which was addressed by the Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University – Professor Dominic Shellard and the Vice-Chancellor of University of Sheffield – Sir Keith Burnett.

After the UK chose to exit the European Union, students and staff from India are now looking to study and work in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, or China instead of the UK as per the recent statistics. It is evident that the Indian students believe that the UK is no more a welcoming country when it comes to settling there. Therefore, both the universities expressed care and the bond with India. They claimed to have more than 2000 Indian students currently and more than 5,000 Indian Alumni. DMU is also working to benefit some of the poorest communities in India through their Volunteering society, in order to show respect, love and affection towards the nation. They are continually involved in social engagement to strengthen links with India at the time.

The Chief Executive of Universities UK promised that the students still have the opportunities to look for job prospects after the completion of their course, for which they would require 4 months. However, it depends from student to student how well they can research to find a company which can sponsor them.

Sir Keith closed the event with his wise words “Our great universities are, at their very core, places of international scholarship which welcome ideas and talent from around the world. Education is and must remain without borders.”

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Attended & written by – Isha Arora, Student Admissions Manager at University Connection

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