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Self Reality Check for Students

A common complaint among students is that they have plateaued after reaching a certain score on their mock tests, and the only increases in their scores if there are any, are incremental. A situation like that can be confusing and frustrating, rendering students oblivious to what their next course of action should even be.
What you should do, in a slump like that, is ask yourself these questions:

Where exactly is it that I’m making mistakes perpetually?

If you can pinpoint the obvious sources of error, you can delegate more time to these areas for improvements. Typically, many students struggle with the Critical Reading section, and within that, with convoluted vocabulary questions.

What can I do to make this better?

Is it the math that you are struggling with? Are you making careless mistakes? Or is it the information-dense passages that intimidate you? Depending on the type of the problem, you can come up with your own solutions like concentrating more time in a specific area or downright being more attentive in that section.

At the heart of SAT is one aptitude test, among many others, the test-takers will want to see all competitive college applicants succeed in, and that is how detective you are. It is daunting to think that this test can essentially be about consolidating the basics and improvising on the back of that, but it also prepares you for the worst-case scenario.

It is very important to carry out self reality check by students in order to make a note of his/her progress level.


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