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Battle of the P’s and Why You Need to Be in It

The world of young adults can be viewed in a typical dichotomy that is brain vs heart. And the fact of the matter is, this is not unlike the kind of people that inhabit this world – the passion-driven dreamers and the careful, calculating pragmatists.



In terms of each of our hunts for our dream colleges, their contrariety has made our minds a battleground for the two P’s. These are Passion and Practicality.


Should I choose the college and major that speak to me, or should I let the more rewarding alternative (added earning power, for starters) carry me forward in life?

Questions like this are not uncommon in the life of a student seeking to pursue higher education abroad, or otherwise. Nonetheless, let me tell you that your options are only as stark as you make them. You can go on weighing the pros and cons of both these admission process regimens, but you will only amass maximum benefits from harmonization of these two radically different approaches.


Here are 4 ways in which you can streamline your college hunt:

1. When you are shortlisting your potential colleges, you can and must make it a point to consider how each one of these colleges appeals to your passions and your practical realities. Since you are bound to find colleges that appeal to one of those sides more than the other, it is okay to, subsequently, delve into those factors separately when further researching the said college.

2. You can be 110% sure to make a better decision once you weigh both sides of the dichotomy fairly while at the same time, lack of such deliberate juxtaposition can be disastrous for your future pursuits. For instance, a CBSE student may not find it viable to take the SAT in January when his/her pre-boards are just around the corner.

3. From a realistic standpoint, while defying your inside voice may become a source of unhappiness, following your passion will not automatically result in a well-paying position either. Passion is a prerequisite for productivity, and success in college – or anywhere, for that matter – necessitates work on what you’re passionate about.

4. When you ponder over the question of your ideal university, you should include options that excite you, and engage you in lively scenes, socially proactive student bodies, study abroad programs, or whatever it is that you’re looking for.

5. Everything enjoyable is not impractical or implausible; it is not difficult to find artists who will stand firm in their belief of following the heart, even in a world predominated by pragmatists.

6. Likewise, the practical side of your hunt should incorporate a list of limits determined by your grades, financial standing, and aspirations.



Just remember: This list is not so you put a cap on your dreams. Instead, it is to help you execute these dreams in a life that awaits you beyond college gates.

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