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Smartphones: A Smart Decision?

In today’s world, it is next to impossible to imagine living without a smartphone. Always buzzing to update or it may even irritate us. With the advantages and disadvantages of the same, it becomes quite hard to decide one’s stance on it. But after careful consideration of both its pros and cons, I, as a student and as a member of the booming youth population of the world, decided for myself whether I consider it to be a blessing or a burden.
I’ve been a smartphone user for a few years now and it is safe to say that it has become quite an indispensable part of my life, now. Although it would be unfair to say that it serves no benefits, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I wish I hadn’t become so used to it. As a student, it’s hard for me to study without ready access to the internet which works like an extra aid on my syllabus or to my friends and teachers, for the exchange of notes and homework. A smartphone in hand, for example, provides me with the opportunity to do both with ease. However, what starts with an academic purpose, soon morphs into posting a selfie on Instagram, gossiping with friends, and looking at others’ stories on Snapchat. All of this leaves me wondering how the time elapsed. More often than not, academics takes a back seat once we enter the world of social media through our smartphones. A habit? Perhaps. An addiction? More so.
With the omnipresence of smartphones, it has become hard to prevent the overlapping of functionality and fun. With the two being available on the same platform, it is even tougher to concentrate on one at a given point in time. When it comes to smartphones, ‘Balance is the key’, is a phrase that seems to have lost its meaning.
I’ve seen students much younger than me constantly active on all social media sites, while I, at their age would rather be playing outside or reading a book. An early habit, and that too a harmful one, becomes harder to break. While a smartphone is believed to break all barriers and integrate the world into a ‘global village’, it is unfortunate to see that it is doing quite the opposite by secluding us to a very tiny corner of our rooms, where we remain invested in ourselves, oblivious to the happenings around us. It has come to the point where social media validation, in terms of likes and comments, dictate our moods and even our social standing.
However, it would be incorrect to label smartphones with only negatives. Let’s not forget how they help us keep in touch and connect with people far and wide, find information both accurate and reliable in hardly any time, and how they help to make education more accessible, rich and interactive. But as a student, who is weak in the face of temptations, I would say that its cons overshadow its pros.
Don’t get me wrong. I do not advocate the complete elimination of the use of smartphones. But I do advise rationing its usage and limiting it to only when necessary. As a student suffering from ‘Smartphone Addiction’, a serious condition wherein the smartphone user is unable to separate the smartphone from his or her person, I strongly suggest my fellow youngsters realize that the smartphone world and the real world and two completely different spheres and it would be intelligent to not merge the two. And although it’s true that the correct usage of such technology will only make us sharper, it is easy to fall into temptations and be consumed into the dark world of Smartphone Addiction. It’s imperative to understand and decide how much and how strongly we require such a device. After all, education and real-life experiences are more important than any other temporary material satisfaction.
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