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Possible pitfalls in Student life

Do you fall in the category of students who have worked conscientiously to improve their scores but instead of an uphill slope, your mock scores sequence has flat-lined nonetheless? If you do, then it’s time to change your approach a little to avoid the possible pitfalls in Student life.


The first thing to do – and I may be stating the obvious – is to be honest in your self-analyses. Many a times, students tend to lie about their scores to their parents, teachers and even themselves due to pressure of performing. This is the first pitfall in an effective study regimen for the SAT. Of course, it is also an easy way out.


Getting a stellar score would require complete honesty. Naturally, this would also mean taking a lot more practice tests to gradually (but genuinely) improve your scores. Unfortunately, although I do not like to be the bearer of bad news, the truth of the matter is this: you have to work both hard and smart, and to become the quintessential high-range SAT scorer, this one change comes foremost.


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