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Need for Career Counselors has Shot up: CN Bajpai, University Connection

In conversation with Charushilla Narula Bajpai, Founder Director & Key Mentor, University Connection who believes that India’s need for career counselors has shot up in the past few years.

How India is adopting the need for career counseling?

India is globally known for its human resources and homes over 229 million adolescents & young adults!. Recent research at the Center for Economic Data & Analysis revealed that over 29.7 million youngsters are actively seeking employment. It is evident that career counseling and guidance is the need of the hour. It helps the youth seize opportunities in their fields of interest and skills, tapping into their true potential. The country’s need for career counselors has shot up over the span of the last few years.

From sustainable agriculture to marine biology, India is evolving with careers that are unique and novel. Bringing an understanding of suitable careers to students has become a specialized field that strives to bring awareness to students, parents, and institutions and to set new trends. Hence, career consultations and counseling sessions have increased that positively impact students.

How does career counselling helps to achieve goals?

There are easy steps to do this:

1. Introspecting Your Abilities: Exploring individual interests while understanding oneself

2. Derive Inspiration from Your Idols: Reading about contributions from prominent figures who made history

3. Active Engagement in Your Passions: Actively engaging in internships and apprenticeship programs provide deeper insight into the chosen career/subject and acts as a catalyst

4. Research Your Field of Interest: Reading extensively about our interests enhances our subject knowledge, and motivates us to further pursue it and look for potential professional forums where one can contribute

5. Continued Learning: This helps us stay in the loop of new trends and explore novel career opportunities

Does career counseling help open more avenues for a successful career?

We are living in an era that provides students with resources of career counseling that were unheard of decades ago. Career counselors are equipped with the knowledge of the many career options available. Students’ knowledge of career options is limited but the career counselors work to bring awareness on new-age careers like sports analytics, ethnomusicology, game design, international relations, conservation, sustainability, and more. The diverse opportunities may seem overwhelming for a student. So, the counselor focuses on the student’s aspirations, skills, potential, and interests, making these the primary filters for choosing their colleges or careers. It is designed to help students choose the right path in their career while informing them of the key roles and responsibilities and the scope of the said profession.

How is it moulding a new life?

Let’s define today’s times: technologically advanced, socially disconnected, increasingly uncertain, and fiercely competitive. Let’s define today’s student: confident but mostly behind a screen, positive-minded but easily distracted, practices selective awareness, quick to idolize influencers on social media, usually has a microcosmic approach to a macro environment.

The world has repeatedly displayed that change is inevitable but with career counseling growth becomes exceptional. To achieve these exceptional feats it is vital that the generation of change-makers are exposed to structured guidance, unconditional positive regard, motivation, goal centricity, guidance & of course, a game plan for execution! The counseling sessions are committed to taking cognizance of the student’s life & choices, building on different areas of life.

What is the importance of building your profile in a non-academic way?

A non-academic profile helps a student understand their overall personality and achievements apart from academics. One can excel in academics and other fields of interest; however, extracurricular activities showcase their ability to be a team player, develop time management, stress management, dedication, creativity, and other talents/gifts. Holistic development is often prioritized by all universities and companies.

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