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Time Management in a Nutshell

The biggest pitfall in any college-going student’s life is the perpetual deficit of time, be it for extracurriculars, due assignments and even social commitments. One of your biggest strengths, in impressing prospective employers or bolstering your graduate school CVs, will lie in your efficiency as a masterful manager of time. And if you ruminate on that even remotely, you will realize that it’s not even half as hard as it might have looked initially.


Time Management

In fact, just as my Communications mentor Jennifer R Jackson keeps reiterating on the topic of academic success, “none of your hard work could ever amount to even a dime’s worth if nobody sees it before that deadline passes.” Hence, time management becomes the second most important soft skill that you will need to get under your belt to set yourself up for professional success.

Time Management

As a matter of fact, a lot of what time management is about can be retraced to the first, cardinal soft skill you need to achieve a level of mastery in: organization. For starters, keeping and maintaining a planner is the perfect solution to a time-sensitive problem. And once you have that down, you can take a more personalized approach from there. Manage your time flexibly, but persistently.
Time-managing is critical not just to make things more manageable, but to make your life a lot simpler and achieve your goals a whole lot faster!

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