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Is It Okay To Go Into College Undecided

There is a lot of, and rather excessive, emphasis on figuring out what you as a person want to do as the end of school approaches in the Indian, socio-cultural education trends – parents are worried more about having their kids trying to determine their future life path before leaving school, without giving much thought to how each individual works and one common question which remains on everyone’s mind is -“Is it Okay to go into College Undecided”.

Always remember: It is most important that you do what you would like to do, and if you don’t know what that is just yet, that is perfectly normal too.

The truth is, it is always best to make those life choices consciously, on your own terms, and in your own time. As a matter of fact, there are many tangible advantages of entering college as an undecided major will give you over others.

Is it okay to go into College undecided

First of all, it will give you the freedom from the constraints that might be placed on you if you’re a student who doesn’t quite know what he/she wants to do but chooses to pursue a discipline anyway, for reasons that may be multiple but are, at the end of the day, irrelevant in the bigger picture.

Is it okay to go into College undecided

All U.S. universities offer their students not only an option but an easy method to switch their majors at any point in time if a student feels that he/she might have missed their calling. That in itself resonates with how significant and life-changing it can be, for better or worse, depending on how you might choose to tackle indecision.

Is it okay to go into College undecided

An undecided major’s first plan of action is to stick his/her head deep into all the different areas and find one that they feel they can live practicing for the rest of their lives. As herculean of a task as it may sound, this is actually the most fun part. If you control this situation effectively without wasting time exploring avenues you know you won’t enjoy for a whole lifetime, you will come across the kind of clarity even students who come in with their minds made up, and without even set you back in any way.

Is it okay to go into College undecided

The last way this can help you is that it will give you time to find your motivation, that is if you choose to do that while you’re still indecisive, and deploy all of it in the direction you choose to go when you do. Undecided majors tend to ask themselves the most questions about self-actualization, and there is no valid explanation as to how that can be harmful to you.

The bottom line remains; as long as you dare to experiment with different things, and determine and do what is in line with your passions regardless of when you discover it, there is nobody who can stop you from accomplishing that stellar academic and professional portfolio for yourself every college student dreams of working up to by the end of their time in school.

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