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College Crises: Where Teamwork Matters

Teamwork Matters

What do you do when one mind isn’t enough to resolve a crisis? We have been told time and again since the days, our cognitive functioning begins that if you can’t do it alone, work in a team and that will get the job done. Surprisingly enough, collaborative ventures are almost always more successful than individual-driven endeavors. It is that fact which makes crystal clear to me one fact – the emphasis on developing skills that enable you to work in teams is very well-founded, and not some trite notion overused by the contemporary culture.


What follows is a concise, but hopefully a substantive list of all the things that teamwork can help you achieve, just on the surface:

– Address different situations in a collective, unified approach

– Step out of your comfort zone and interact with various individuals from diverse backgrounds (all in one melting pot of productivity)

– Practice good rationality and persuasion, because what you believe won’t always be the last word

– Build trust where there is little of it; it is true that to find people worthy of your confidence, you have to find people first

– Learn to compromise; intransigence is intrinsic to human nature, which needs to be remolded to accommodate the thoughts, emotions, and sensitivities of the broader group you associate yourself with


And what better way to achieve that other than by working in close-knit groups, much like the concentrated focus sessions with us here at SAT Varsity and University Connection. So before I sign off, I would like to ask you one question only. Do YOU have what it takes to be a team player?

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