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The Tree Climbing Fish

Note to reader:

Do not be mislead by the title. The only tree that you need to climb is the one that takes you closer to a stellar SAT score.

In the immortal words of the legendary Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” With that thought in mind, let’s dig deeper into the whole SAT business and uncover the perfect learning regimen for each and every one of you.

While standardized tests much like the SAT have become the mirrors that reflect each test-taker’s true potential, it is also an established fact that individuals learn in their own ways. Or as most educators accurately separate learners in a broad classification, each person is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.


As you go deeper into the different categories of learners, you will find that visual learners do best when reading or viewing material, which also enables them to modulate their own pace but on the other hand, auditory learners are better off listening to lectures, spoken words, audiobooks or any other audio-based resources they can get their hands on. Unlike the both of these, kinesthetic learners are all about that hands-on, empirical regimen of self-study that tends to go amiss in the contemporary scenario when rote-learning stockpiles of academic books is all the rage. They must stay actively involved with their study material to able to retain the information.

Once you figure out which category you fall under, it is time to get to work:


As visual learners, you should streamline your focus on the myriad books and study guides available widely for nearly every subject. You must make sure that any additional material you resort to, apart from your SATVarsity handouts and booklets, is reliable. If you require feedback or guidance, feel free to ask your trainers as I am sure that they will be more than happy to navigate you in the right direction. Oh, and as far as vocabulary goes, you can fully trust flashcards to be your lifesaver.


To all the audio learners who are reading this article, let me just tell you that you are all living in a golden age. With the advent of Youtube and many other websites, your life has most definitely become considerably simpler.

Of course, it is not unfounded to think that locating test material online is a herculean task you must all complete, but our team is always here to facilitate you in all your endeavors. Listening to literature in the form of audiobooks can surely upgrade your vocabulary beyond anticipation, just as interesting talks and popular articles made available by hosts like TEDtalks can evolve your analytical skills.
Our final category of interest is that of kinesthetic learners. For a person who belongs to this subset, it is all in the doing. You may consider that bad, as in the occasional inability to learn without physically writing out study material, or good, as in the wide spectrum of preparatory resources that you have lying at your disposal.


Whatever your take may be on your learning style, your way out is an empty notebook in which you do not just copy what you hear or read – instead, you need to personalize your notes to your strengths and weaknesses. This will force your mind to assimilate information at hand and allow you to grasp whatever it is you may be trying to catch on to.
Still can’t figure out what your learning style is? Don’t worry. Feel free to experiment. Diversify. You can even mix elements of different styles and make your own dynamic combos. We, as your SATVarsity mentors are here to oblige you in your endeavours at every point we possibly can.

Just remember that at the heart of all of this, there lies only one true wisdom: smart effort.

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