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Five Business Schools that Should Be on Your List When Applying for a Deferred MBA

Are you a college senior or a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career in business? Or a young professional eager to advance your career with an advanced degree but not quite ready to commit to a full-time MBA program. If so, then a Deferred MBA program might be just what you need!

We discussed eligibility criteria, deadlines, the application process, and more in the previous blog. In this blog, we’ll look at the top five business schools with Deferred MBA Programs you should have on your list. 

  • Harvard Business School 2+2 Program

Harvard 2+2 program is designed to prepare students for technical careers, entrepreneurship, and running companies in a variety of fields. The program is committed to supporting students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, including first-generation college attendees, and those with limited exposure to graduate school. Renowned faculty members, including guest speakers from other top universities, and CEOs of leading organizations, teach Harvard’s comprehensive and topic-focused programs.  With an exceptional faculty and a course structure providing students with value and a great learning experience, the alumni network takes it to another level. The 2+2 Program brings leadership to life by immersing students in real-world scenarios, challenging them to make tough decisions, and providing insights with a social effect. 

  • The University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School MBA Moelis Advance Access Program

The Moelis Advance Access Program echos with students having a solid academic history, curious minds, and leadership qualities. Accepted students can postpone enrollment for two to four years. An ideal class at Moelis Advance Access program reflects a diverse mix of experiences and viewpoints, with strong diversity and inclusion. According to statistics, the members of the Wharton MBA Class represent 77 different countries. They are a lively and varied group with a gender balance of 50% women and 8% LGBTQ+. Wharton is well known for its faculty, proficiency in research, summer internships, global experiences, demanding coursework, and focus on teamwork. Wharton community gives you access to a network of over 100,000 alumni who are leaders in a variety of fields, including business, charity, and governmental organizations. Find out about how Shreya Dua from NYU Stern made it to Wharton.

  •  Yale School of Management Silver Scholars Program

A Silver Scholar is one with leadership potential, brilliance, curiosity, enthusiasm, and compassion. The first year at Yale SOM comprises the core curriculum, then one or more years of full-time professional experience, and Yale optional courses in the final year. This Program offers students a unique blend of academic rigor and real-world experience. Yale SOM’s committed faculty and comprehensive curriculum are created to improve one’s skills on four core levels—individual, team, organization, and world and society. As a student at SOM, you will have the chance to hone your team leadership abilities, get the knowledge required to be a leader in a variety of sectors and gain the necessary understanding to handle complex and multidisciplinary tasks.

  • The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business Booth Scholars Program

The Booth Scholars Program seeks global leaders ready to shape the future. It offers a unique opportunity to defer MBA for up to three years. The course structure is divided into two parts: the pre-MBA component and the MBA component where students must work full-time and participate in community-building events. The faculty here has expertise in various business fields, including finance, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, and more. Events, activities, and opportunity opportunities start the minute you are accepted. Overall, the program avails you of a competitive curriculum, esteemed instructors, irreplaceable professional experience, chances to hone leadership abilities, and access to a worldwide alumni network at the Booth School of Management. 

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Deferred Enrollment Program

Stanford Graduate School of Business offers students a chance to defer their enrollment for up to three years. This program is highly competitive and the acceptance rate here is around 8%. This Program emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship. Stanford seeks students with a mature and inquisitive mentality, solid academic background, leadership skills, and a proactive attitude towards internships, part-time work, or entrepreneurial pursuits. Students at Stanford GSB come from a variety of social, professional, and academic backgrounds, including STEM, humanities, and business. The Program offers a range of specializations. Students can also participate in several experiential learning opportunities, such as the Global Study Trip, which allows students to explore international business environments. 

Choosing the right deferred MBA program is crucial for your career, but it can be overwhelming. With the support and guidance of University Connection counselors, you can confidently navigate the admissions process and make the best decision for your future. Let’s start planning your path to success today with an Orange Counselor!

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