UC Orange Team

What's so "orange" about the Orange Team?

Well, for one, since orange is a combination of red and yellow, the Orange team at UC is a combination of two worlds too! A little bit of this and a little bit of that – the highly energetic and extremely bright, the relationships focussed and yet the widely networked team knows what’s best for their students! The spirit of learning, the ability to take in life experiences and make them part of who they are – diverse in perspective & inclusive in personality – makes them awesome! All in all, when you connect with the Orange Team – you connect with a believer, a joyful, warm, creative, bright person who resonates with the core vision of UC – Making this world a better place, One student at a time!

We believe in miracles...

The team at University Connection, fondly known as the Orange Team, works in unison to draw out the best from students; they do everything to make their dreams for college and life matter. The Student Success Mentors at UC play a key role in deciphering, guiding and facilitating student careers.

Ragini Dangwal

Ragini Dangwal

Senior College Planning Strategist and Head of Partnerships

Komal Singh

Komal Singh

School Outreach & High-School Students’ Mentor

Namrata Sharma

Research Counselor and Student Mentor

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University Connection Bot!

The Orange Team also has a secret club of Connects who help add value to every application. We are grateful to all of our secret club members who choose to stay anonymous and yet help us make an impact. Much love 

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If you are enthusiastic, dynamic and positive, we already love you!

You too can be a part of our Orange Team. Feel free to say hi and write to us why would you like to be a part of University Connection at connect2mentor@gmail.com