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How to Build a Great Profile to Apply to Top Colleges Abroad

Good grades aren’t nearly enough if you’re looking to get into top international universities. These elite institutions look for more than your academic scores, and profile building for students should therefore be an important consideration to be more ‘appealing’ to the universities of your choice.

In this article, we’ll briefly go through a handful of points you should keep in mind during the process of profile building for college admissions into the Ivy League and other top educational institutions.

  1. Have a well-rounded profile – It is ideal to have an all-round profile with a mix of high grades, extracurricular activities, maybe some experience in social service, et al. If along with academic excellence, you can portray your ability to tackle problems pertaining to other fields, or other necessary life skills, then your chances of acceptance go up considerably.
  1. Show that you fit well – Universities have a certain blueprint to cater to while accepting admissions. A good institution has a great mix of excellent academicians, sportspersons, artists, etc. They have their values and missions that need to be kept in mind as well. Ensure that your profile fits the bill. You can join one of the programs offered by University Connection to get help in building your profile and increase your chances of getting accepted.
  1. Take tough, complex courses – If you and another student both are toe to toe with regards to academics, extracurricular, etc. and only one may be admitted, the school may compare the courses taken by you. More impressive than getting high grades is getting high grades in tough courses, and so having a few complex subjects can increase your chances as well.
  1. Write a Solid statement of purpose – Your SOP can prove to be the great differentiator, so give due time and importance to the same. Good grammar, clarity of thought, and the ability to express well goes a long way in impressing those in charge.
  1. Elucidate your leadership skills – Most prestigious schools have a rich legacy of people who changed the world in some capacity. Such schools want more people who have that same potential, and thus, showing that you have good leadership qualities can improve your chances of being admitted.
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  1. Medha

    Hi, can you please explain how to write a solid statement of purpose? I’ve been trying to write one to get into the Ivy League Colleges.

  2. Hardeep

    Hey, I applied for the summer program in Georgia Tech but failed to receive any reply, which struck me as odd. Is there a special process or step that I might’ve missed?

  3. Mandeep

    The article has been very informative as I am going through my placement process in college. I will keep all these points in mind while building my profile.

  4. prateek

    I followed these steps while preparing for my interviews, and the results have been great. Thank you for the information.

  5. Medha

    Is it advisable to elucidate upon the extracurricular experiences that the students had in their colleges?

  6. Tanya Rajput

    Do colleges really give preferences to applications with better recommendations from teachers and professors, even if they date back to school?

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