UC Programs

UC Programs

Become a Global Scholar

The Global Scholar Programs are aligned with your career aspirations. From portfolio enhancement to scholarship planning for universities, the options below have been created to suit every grade and every student requirement. Choose from the Star, Shooting Star or Galaxy programs or request a Bespoke program to be designed to meet your unique requirements. Students who have been through the program, share, "I never knew how far I could go until I really began my journey." 


UC Programs

Star Program

If you are concerned about how is your profile and what is your aptitude towards, you want to find the right mentor to connect you with projects and experiences that can build your Key differentiator, then these programs are for you. Alongside building communication, research and critical thinking through this program - you build more than a resume, you even curate your very own college and scholarship long list.

Galaxy Program

If you want the right Application Strategy to make it to the colleges of your choice, if you wish you had a scholarship to your name, if you want to prepare the most impressive pitch using your essays, portfolio, assessments and everything that you've done, this program is just for you.
So whether you're a computer whiz, a musician or an athlete, reach out and let's get you to the college of your calling!

I am excited, but unable to decide what Global Program will be best suited for me?
I would like to speak to a Student Admission Manager.