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See-Saw Parenting

Imagine you are on a see-saw. Now imagine you are on a see-saw with your four-year-old. Would you just put all your weight on one side and let the little fellow hang in the air on the other side? Hopefully not! Instead, you would perhaps drop your weight and release it so as to give him a sense of going up and down on the balance. You would let him enjoy the light-heartedness of being in the air, and you would let him enjoy the feeling that he was being able to exert his own weight too! Smilingly surrendering. Most parenting is similar to this see-saw experience. You are in-charge, yet you must be willing to let go.

You have the experience to be able to predict the outcome of a certain action, but you allow mistakes to be made so that lessons can be drawn and your child becomes experienced. Parenting is not as easy as it sounds to some.

You enjoy their flight but are also ready with a safety net (just in case).

When You pretend to lose an argument, a decision, or a game only to be able to revel in the joy of seeing your child win.

You might have the resources to give her everything, but you need the wisdom to stop at something. And anytime you do feel the temptation to give your child ‘everything’ – remember the see-saw – remember that you are creating a situation for him/her to be in the air – but for how long ?!

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