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Over Parenting, Good or Bad ?

Teens whose parents hover over them like a helicopter typically take too much responsibility for their children’s experiences, success, or failures especially when it comes to studies. It is also termed as Over Parenting, which means being involved in a child’s life in a way that is over controlling, protecting, and perfecting which leads to loss of independence for children and that’s when they start behaving rebelliously.

Every parent does their best to provide guidance in order to help children live up to their potential. But, it is also necessary to give them SPACE. Usually, there are four reasons which trigger helicopter parenting – a) Fear of dreadful consequences such as low grades, b) Feeling of anxiety; that’s when mothers worry about their children getting jobs, c) Overcompensation – when parents didn’t get as much attention when they were children and compensate it with their own children, d) Peer pressure from other parents – feeling of competition.

Children, who have overly involved parents, might eventually grow up with low confidence levels. Therefore, Children should not get used to having their parents do things for them. It is best to give them autonomy whilst keeping a bit of vigilance. Preventing children from the joys of earning things with hard work can be hazardous. Let your children make mistakes! In the end, it will help them develop problem-solving skills and an insight to see the world with hopeful and curious eyes.
There are times when even parents need to get some counseling for fair parenting practices.

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting your child in terms of physical, emotional, financial, social, and intellectual development, till the child touches adulthood. If parenting goes wrong, it can cause a strong impact on the child. Therefore, it is best advised for the parents to get some consultation before it’s too late!

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