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How to Think Creatively ? Careers Depend On Creative Thinking

What do you think defines CREATIVITY?  Look at the image below & see if these words come to your mind when you think about being CREATIVE.

Creative Thinking

Usually, when people hear of CREATIVITY, they associate it with artistic things like painting, composing music, or writing poetry. Though these are surely creative endeavors, creativity includes a broader range of skills. It involves a “way of thinking” & an ability to relate to others and to the world in ways, which lead to inspiration.

People who are creative are often very brainy and think differently. People with creative thinking tend to have a varying array of traits. These days the need for creativity is growing not just professionally but academically also. Princeton University President – Christopher L Eisgruber (, 2016), in a high-level global forum of university leaders & policy-makers said “It is imperative to think creatively and share ideas about how to tackle the evolving issues being faced”. The universities look out for students who have the ability to think out of the box and can bring out creativity in different forms. Creativity is not defined. Everyone has a different way of spelling creativity.

Is it something that cannot be learned? Does creativity only come from within?

Counselors highly encourage students to take up co-curricular activities whilst studying as it enables them to think big, think differently & sets them on the path to a solution orientation. At University Connection, we have made it a goal to “make creativity a habit.” Charushilla Narula, the key mentor often shares with students that the light bulb, the radio, the television, the telephone – have been in existence now for many years – they were the solution to the problems of the past. The future will belong to those who can find solutions to the problems of the future.

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