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Fix It Yourself – Common College Application Mistakes

The prequel of this article talked about 4 major college application mistakes that reflect negatively on you. Thus, as a follow-up, it is of utmost importance to read up and pay equal attention to how you can steer clear of the talked-about application mistakes with these quick fixes:


  • Attention to detail: While this is something of a skill you hone over the years, college applications are a great place to start utilizing this ability to best that you can. Remember, the applicant pools for all competitive colleges are rampant with aspiring students, which makes a big deal out of making sure your profile is mirrored by the application you send out to the admissions office accurately and without error.


  • Take charge: College years are the time when you start taking charge of your life and start out on a journey to become a fully independent individual. This is possible only if you don’t let anybody take control of your decisions. And by anybody, I mean ANYBODY. Not even your parents.
    (Keep in mind that this idea of individuality does not imply that you rebel every day for the rest of your life just for the sake of contradicting other people. Leave your mind open to all suggestions, and embrace the good ones as they come.)


  • Double-check: Always double-check all your details before submitting them to the appropriate authorities. This will not only help you with your college admissions, but also to avoid potential sticky situations in the future. You should also always have at least 2-3 people from your friends and family proofread all your college application essays. This will eliminate any chances of petty mistakes that can quickly become your fiercest regrets.


  • Manage your time well: Time management continues to manifest itself in many situations as the one thing that can make or break your chance to get what you so passionately strive for. It is critical to stay organized, fix deadlines and work backwards from those deadlines. This way, you can enable yourself to get everything done in time, including the biggest step in your higher education, towards a brighter and better future.


  • Be concise: Brevity is not a virtue only because it helps you express yourself in just the necessary amount of words, but also because this condensation of thoughts into well-formed ideas in text intensifies the impact your words may have on the readers. Never hesitate to cut straight to the chase or dig right into the meat of the matter. You’ll be surprised how impressive succinct word usage can be to admissions officers.
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