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How to Get Your Dream Internship(s)

Internships are an indispensable part of the resume of every competitive employee and mirror both the individual’s capability and proclivity to go the extra mile when it comes to achieving the goals he or she may have set out with. They are living proof of your skills and resilience as tried and tested in a real-time experience, and not as read and internalized from textbooks or any other media.
Thus, it then becomes critical to find a good internship, the process of which can be broken down into four easy steps:

Self-reflection: To state the obvious in the quite self-explanatory phrase, observe yourself. While it may be one of the good things about an internship to help you figure out what you want or do not want to in life, it never hurts to narrow down your interests to a particular few before you go internship-hunting. This will expedite the whole process, just as well as it will help you get the best out of the internship that you eventually end up with.

Dream Internship

Retracing networks: One question that continues to plague most individuals who feel like they are chasing their own tales in an endless search for a decent internship is, “Who should I look to for any kind of information or referrals?” Well, to answer that questions, the best resources that you, as individual volunteering to work for an organization without getting paid, are lurking right in front of you (or around you): your personal connections.
Yep, there is 100 percent truth in that statement. All you need to do is pick up that phone and get in touch with all your friends and family, ask them to refer you to anybody they know who would be interested, and voila! You’re already networking like a professional.

Research: The next step is an important one, but in a technologically blessed like today’s, it is also inarguably the easiest step. Most organizations with internship programs post their information online and are readily accessible at your fingertips. Remember not to disregard academia, as there may be research projects offered by colleges that can help you elevate your profile and/or understanding just by being a part of the experience. In short, get your research boots on, be aware of the opportunities that are out there, just waiting to be grabbed by someone like you.

Dream Internship


Evaluate, then execute: After all that is out of the way, it comes down to one final little step, and to one person: you. Take it upon yourself to flag down all deadlines and work backward from there. Gather your thoughts, avoid procrastination, and apply early. Yes, apply early. This gives off a crystal clear impression to all the employers that not only do you have your life pieced together but also that you’re confident in your interest directed towards their organizations.


It is our belief, here at SAT Varsity, that internships go a long way to help students on many different levels. And now that it’s clear what needs to be done, we hope that nothing (or no one) holds you back from the amazing internships that you deserve!

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