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9 Things Nobody Will Tell You Before Sophomore Year

Written by Smiti Patni

UC CAAS student- Studying in SCAD, Masters in Creative Business Leadership

Sophomore Year

While we continue to juggle with questions like what matters beyond academics, how to connect with the right kind of resources, and understanding the ways of building a profile, here are some of the things no one will bother telling you about before the sophomore slump hits!

1. Take Your Mathematics Classes Early 

Do you hate math? Congratulations on being human. But even if you are not majoring in math, it’s better to brush up on the basics, sooner or later. It always helps in college. 

2. Picking Next Semester’s Classes Will Tough

Do your research, look up classes beforehand and register as soon as the time stamp hits the clock. Don’t let the cloud of uncertainty looming over your head. 

3. You will have upwards of ten life crises before you even remotely figure out which direction you want to go in

For some, it’s a regular occurrence; for some, it’s weekly. But it’s okay! Venting to your roommate, bogging down your significant other with endless college tales or ranting with your mother is super important for your own sanity. 

Sophomore Year
  1. 4. You might go through the Sophomore Slump; yes, it’s real!

    Sophomore year is awkward. In between the excitement of freshman year and the anticipation of upperclassman, glory lies change, anxiety and fear. But on the other hand, there are endless opportunities for you to explore. You are on a voyage of self-discovery, and that’s pretty cool.

    5. Try New Things

    What a cliche! But do it! Are you in a lot of science courses? Pursue a communications program and spice it up! Perhaps you’ll like journalism? Write for the school paper! Interested in non-profits? Volunteer for a cause you care about! Intern with people who’ll let you chase your passions! The little things help you move one step closer to figuring your life out!

Sophomore Year

6. Maintaining friendships and relationships require a lot more work than it did in high school or freshman year

Relive the times when you had friends solely due to the fact that you saw them every day in your Home Room or your dorm? Yeah, those days are long over now! Once you get to sophomore year, it takes time, energy, and effort to maintain healthy relationships. 

7. Give Ramen a break ya’ll 

Don’t eat this every day. The chemicals in these foods are probably making your brain implode. Eat healthily. Sometimes the green veggies are worth it!

8. You’re going to be broke!

Everybody is in the same boat, don’t let peer pressure make you eat out every day or buy $500 worth of clothing!

9. It’s Okay To Be Homesick

At some point in our lives, all of us miss home more than anything else in the world. Home-cooked meals, walking in the park with our loved ones, talking to our pets, being yelled at by your dad for not managing money well. You’re not the only one, though. You’ll get through this 🙂 

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