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Top 5 Countries With Post-Study Work Opportunities for International Students

Written by Arya Antherjanam V (Content and SEO Executive at AmberStudent)

Most of the students who study abroad prefer to stay back there until they have their feet in the field. They either wish to pursue higher education or get a job in the country. This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the global labor market and regain a part or most of the studying costs.

University Connection understands that since the student visa expires with graduation, it’s advisable to look for a country that may give you the best return on your investment and an option to build a life as an international student settled abroad. The college planning at UC is aligned towards an understanding that career decisions are life decisions and so while pursuing a degree introduces you to the system in place, having a job helps you experience it from close quarters. It is the best time to explore different fields to figure out what fits them best and then apply for an extension or a renewal well in advance.

The requirements and formalities to stay back after the course completion differ according to country, and some are more flexible. Here are the top 5 countries with the best stay-back options for international students.

1. Australia

Depending on the degree you pursued, you can stay up to 2-5 years in Australia with the Temporary Graduate Visa-485. With this visa extension, an international student can stay for two years after bachelor’s or masters by coursework, three years after research-oriented masters, four years after Ph.D. programs, and five years if you hold a Hong Kong passport.

A Temporary Graduate Visa also allows family members to move in with you for work or stay. Application for a student costs around AUD 1680, with an extra charge for each accompanying family member. Once you are qualified for the extension, the visa will be digitally linked to the passport. You are permitted to have multiple entries, and the visa stands valid for the entire period of extension from the date of issue. But remember that if you wish to stay in the country for a prolonged period, you must find a job and apply for skilled work visas.

2. UK
The latest scheme of post-study work visas, known as Graduate Route, is favorable to many international students as it allows you to stay back in the UK for two or three years after a master’s or doctoral degree, respectively. The Graduate Route enables you to convert the visa into a work visa upon finding a suitable and skilled job. The processing fee costs around £700 with an Immigration Health Surcharge of £624. You may need to produce the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) required for the Tier 4 student visa.

In the light of the pandemic where economies are falling, it’s crucial to secure affordable student housing in the UK so that you don’t go broke. Many UK Universities ensure a free cancellation policy for students like London and Cambridge University student housing if you cannot travel to the UK. In effect from 1st July 2021, you can apply even if you are stuck in your home country due to Covid-19. In such a case, you have to make sure you reach the UK before your student visa expires.

3. New Zealand
Due to matchless living standards and a friendly population, New Zealand has seen an increase in international students over the years. Many students prefer to stay back and settle in the country, and there are different types of visas that allow that. Earlier, there were open and employer-assisted post-study work visas. They are now collectively known as post-study work visas, whose duration differs from one to three years depending on your course and location.

Once you have the post-study work visa, you can bring your partner, and your kids can receive education as domestic students in New Zealand. For long-term settlement, you should apply for Essential skills work visa. A student can submit the application form online with a processing fee of NZD 495 and be issued an eVisa after 33 days. During the verification of documents during the visa interview, you need to prove that you have enough funds to sustain yourself.

4. Canada
Within 180 days of their graduation, international students in Canada can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit program to stay back for work after graduation. If your course duration is between 8 months and two years, you get a visa extension equivalent to the length of your course. If your course lasts for more than two years, your post-study visa is valid for three years.

The application requires you to submit an authorization letter from the school you are enrolled in stating the length of the program. You also need to have proof of the completion of the course. You can find a job at this time and use that work permit to settle in Canada and even apply for permanent residence later. You can apply for the visa extension even if you’re attending the classes online from your home country due to the prevailing pandemic.

5. Ireland
The best part about staying in Ireland after graduation is that you can travel to and work in other European countries. Ireland houses many business tycoons and hence has thousands of students reaching different cities to study and work. Those who have an Irish degree in their name are qualified to apply for the Third Level Graduate Scheme, where students get up to two years of extension after the course completion. You can’t work for more than 40 hours per week without a work permit. Later, you can apply for a General Employment Permit, which is equivalent to a work permit.

However, if you are a student from Switzerland or any European Union and European Economic Area countries, you don’t need any further allowance to live in Ireland. As long as you comply with the country’s nominal rules and have employment that supports you, the visa won’t be terminated.

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