Shooting Star

Shooting Star

The Shooting Star program in an exhaustive, scientifically designed program which caters to every facet of college admission procedure. Ideal for students from Grade 9 to 11, it forms a comprehensive course of action which works towards creating an impressive,well rounded college application.

Personal Project Discussion & Initiation

To diversify your profile through experiential learning, personal projects are a great option. One of the great benefits of such projects is that students gain greater insight into their particular interest. Envisioning a project, executing the idea, leadership role, teamwork etc are the skills which can be showcased through the projects.

Annual Internship Alignment

Connecting students to the right opportunities and aligning them for good internships is a great way to stand out in the crowd of admission seekers. Contacting entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, financial advisers or even payroll specialists, professors at local universities give students an insight into their chosen profession and loads of hands-on experience.

Country and Course Shortlisting - a long list

After analysing and evaluating the choice of course and mapping it to the right University selections, a suggestive list is prepared while keeping the ‘filters’ around budget, location and other parameters in mind. This exhaustive list is fine-tuned further to narrow down the best choices.

Preparing an overall Application Strategy

A good college application means having a proper strategy. Collating things like relevant summer work, volunteering, internships, curating documents, preparing for tests, researching colleges/majors, making a list of all separate applications in the colleges’ portals, attending virtual tours &info sessions, are all a part of the application journey.


Personal Project


College list

Application Strategy

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