Star Program

Star Program

A comprehensively designed program for students from Grade 9 to 11 which ensures that your child is well prepared for the future ahead. It is also helpful for those who are in the early stages of college planning.

Interaction with a College Planning Expert

Interaction with a College Planning Expert focusses child’s journey so far and helping them program forward. Questions around different careers and different pathways, opportunities available knowing one’s strengths and interest, help them make the right choices.

Profile Evaluation and Gap Identification

Profile Evaluation and Gap Identification helps to chalk out the right program towards reaching the goal. It involves an assessment of a child’s abilities and areas of further development.

Aptitude Test and Report Discussion

Aptitude Test and Report Discussion entail an aptitude test, which gives a glimpse into a student’s strengths, limitations and talents. This psychometric assessment helps us analyse the student’s overall inborn and cultivated abilities that go a long way in preparing an ideal career fit.

Transcripts and Certificates Review

Transcripts and Certificates Review helps in reviewing the experiences, skills, interests and academic achievements, co-curricular activities of a student. It helps us to connect them with useful resources and align them for various opportunities, keeping in mind their strengths and passions.

Test Preparation Planning

Test Preparation Planning helps the child make a solid foundation for exams like TOEFL, SAT etc where highly qualified subject experts teach them the skills for acing those tests.

Communication Skills Personalized Mentoring

Communication Skills Personalised Mentoring helps to enhance the student’s basic communication skills, preparing them to become teen leaders for a better tomorrow. Our constant communications through various forms, channels, gestures and expressions.This workshop helps us to communicate effectively in every medium we use.

Research and Critical Thinking Foundation Module

Research and Critical Thinking Foundation Module enables a student to consider any information from multiple angles and perspectives, analyse the information with depth and come to a reasoned conclusion. This also helps them in their academic achievement. Whether English, STEM, or Social Studies, Critical thinking, and Research are crucial skills in every aspect of life.

Creating a Resume

Creating a Resume is extremely vital for admission. A Resume template is shared where students collate all extracurriculars, community projects, leadership and other experiences from Grade 9 onwards. UC emphasises on how the template not only entails all the activities one has been a part of but also shows what your inclinations are, personally, academically and socially.


Gap Analysis

Aptitude Testing

Skill Building

Test Preparation Planning

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