An exclusive and comprehensively designed program for students from Grade 9 to 11 that chalks out the career path for your child from subject selection till college admissions. A step ahead of our Star Program, ProStar Program is especially helpful for the students who aim to study abroad for their higher education.

Subject Research Workshops

The subject research workshops focus on the relevance of new-age subjects and career options. This workshop aims to provide an ecosystem where every student gets an insight into their preferred subjects. This helps them to make informed choices in terms of career.

College/Country Research

College Research gives students a perspective on the spectrum of universities, majors and minors on offering, geographical boundaries, and the timelines involved. It also makes the student aware of the campus life, scholarships and other opportunities offered by various colleges.

Profile Building Activities

Apart from your academics, colleges also look into academic awards, publications, honours, and other achievements. Extracurricular activities, community service and volunteerism, leadership roles and work experience in projects of their choice greatly increase their chance to portray themselves as well-rounded candidates for admission.

Social and Volunteer Opportunities Alignment

Volunteering is the perfect way to showcase your hard and soft skills which can be showcased in a way that it favours your application, and therefore, your chance of getting into the university. Having experience in volunteering in your application tells the university that you care, and return to the society you receive from.

Summer School Abroad

Attending a summer school not only helps you meet people from diverse backgrounds, but the experience also adds to your confidence and social skills. After understanding the student’s filters like interest, top colleges, budget etc, a list of top summer school programs is suggested to the student.

Online Courses Planning

A great way to add up to your portfolio is to program some online courses. It helps you to understand your core subjects better and gives you an added advantage with additional knowledge. We curate a list of relevant online courses which become a part of the application process.


Subject Clarity

Country Research

Volunteer Work

Summer School

Online Courses

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