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15 Year Olds Tryst With Top US Universities

Written by -Nandini Narula Bajpai, Class XII student from Isha Home School, Coimbatore

UC CAAS student – USA – Psychology & Music

Summer schools are an excellent way to orient students towards what to expect at college. They are also a good way to immerse themselves in a certain course in-depth. After a lot of research, I made it to the Columbia University Summer Immersion program with a 100% scholarship. I am in grade X. Around the same time, I also qualified for the World Scholars Cup International Round at Yale. During the course of my trip, I even visited two of the top US Universities – Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Through this experience, I also came to know about the tough competition out there in the world, and how hard I need to work to actually make my dreams a reality. This was an extremely mesmerizing experience and I hope to study at universities as these in the future. I chose to go with the latter as that was equally prestigious, but the experience of applying and securing a scholarship served my confidence really well.

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