How to Prepare for the Best Design Colleges in the World

How to Prepare for the Best Design Colleges in the World

Who is this for?

✔️Students aspiring to pursue design education at renowned global colleges
✔️Individuals seeking guidance on the preparation and application process for top-design schools
✔️Those aiming to enhance their portfolio and skills for admission into prestigious design institutions
✔️Students keen on understanding the requisites and expectations of leading design colleges worldwide
✔️Applicants interested in excelling in the competitive landscape of design school admissions

Key Takeaways:

✔️Insights into portfolio preparation tailored for top-tier design schools
✔️Understanding the unique criteria and expectations of leading design colleges
✔️Guidance on crafting an impressive portfolio that reflects creativity and skill
✔️Strategies for showcasing innovation, originality, and conceptual thinking in design portfolios
✔️Clarity on the application process and requisites specific to renowned design institutions

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Jan 24 2024


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm






  • Ms. Charushilla Narula Bajpai
    Ms. Charushilla Narula Bajpai
    Founder Director, University Connection

    Ms. Charushilla Narula Bajpai, Founder Director of With over 20 years in education, she’s a Career and College Planning Mentor, impacting 100,000+ students and facilitating $50 million in scholarships. Recognized for her vision in empowering students, she’s an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College and the Institute of Education, University of London. A member of IACAC and participant in Goldman Sachs – IIM, Bangalore 10,000 Women Cohort 2020, her writings feature in leading publications like The Times of India. Awarded among the 100 Women Faces of 2018 by COWE, she’s a key figure in education and entrepreneurship.

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