UC Peer Mentors

If you are a UC alumnus
and have been part of
the journey with us,
you too can become
a peer mentor.
Write to us and we’ll
get in touch soon!

UC Peer Mentors

They are the chosen ones! The UC Peer Mentor Support Network is made of students wanting to ensure that others aren’t subjected to the anxiousness they went through during their college application process. They are simply here to give back and develop life-long friendships 🙂

This community includes UC Alumni – students already studying at the university of their choice. Do read about them and get inspired.

Devyani Chandra

I come from Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer and am currently studying Economics and Ethics, Society and Law at University of Toronto. I am passionate about music and enjoy all kinds of media ranging from books to films and more. At university, I pursue writing through various publications such as the college newspaper.

My top reasons to mentor

I am part of the peer mentor network so that I can learn from my fellow mentors and mentees. It will also help me  in gaining work experience from this opportunity.

Samarth Ghai

Hi, I’m Samarth Ghai from the Shriram School Aravali. I’ll be attending the University of California, Berkeley this fall where I plan on studying Computer Science and Data Science. My favourite activities include Web Development, programming, research (especially in STEM), social entrepreneurship and waste management advocacy. I was the Head of ICT and the founder of the Innovation Society of my school. In addition to this I worked on close to 30 web based projects and founded an online portal Socialin. I also participated in various STEM based competitions like the SSDC.

My top reasons to mentor 

The UC Peer mentor network will help me gain valuable work experience and soft skills by mentoring other students. I want to use the knowledge that I acquired in the last two years to help students navigate the college admissions process. This will only strengthen my network and help me meet new people.

Sahaj Goyal

I am a student of Mechanical engineering at Purdue University. Along with that, I also have a minor in Electrical engineering. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who has lately been interested in learning about investing, portfolio management, hedging and macroeconomics. Also, I am a tinkerer at heart with one of my projects being a speaker’s circuit and soon I’m planning on restoring/building a small IC engine!

My top reasons to mentor 

I really believe that by passing on what I have learnt to my mentees, I am not just helping them, but I am also able to further build my network of connections who can later be an asset to my career. Also, I believe that a mentor-mentee dynamic really helps you understand each other and inspire each other to grow because everyone has their unique story of struggles and breakdowns, and then learning to get back on their feet. Lastly, I just like helping people

Nandini Narula

I am from a boarding school in the southern extremities of India called Isha Home School. I am going to be a freshman at Marist College, USA in the fall (class of 2025), and am planning to major in Psychology. I have a passion for singing, composition, music in general, staying fit/ working out, writing, planning events, fine arts, and sooo much more! I have been part of the events committee at school, the school acapella group, have performed solo in front of audiences as big as 10,000+ people, and have even been an editor for my school yearbook 🙂

I look forward to working at UC as a peer mentor!

My top reasons to mentor 

I believe that my own application process has taught me a lot, whether it be how to enhance my writing, organise my calendar to fit in recreational activities and time to work on my applications, or even how to handle rejection. I trust that the entire Road Trip has helped me grow, and ‘be more’ as a student, and as an individual, and I wish to impart the knowledge I have and share the experiences that have made me the person I am today. Along with this, I feel that I am good at verbal and written communication and wish to benefit other’s lives in the process of further understanding human endeavour.

Rohil Bhanot

I graduated in Economics from The University of Manchester, U.K. I decided to take a gap year to spend time with family and finally pursue and cross off places to travel in India off my bucket list. I love football and comedy sketches.

My top reasons to mentor 

I want to help people using my experiences, expand my network and improve my communication skills.

Ria Malik

I am a final year student studying BSc Psychology at the University of Warwick. I love travelling but COVID-19 didn’t really approve!:p

I am a part of the Psychology Society and had been elected as the Mental Health Awareness Rep. and Welfare Officer at the Warwick Student Union.

My top reasons to mentor 

I am currently a mentor for 2 societies and I love how you get to know people with the same interests. Additionally, being a part of this network will help me gain work experience.

Smiti Patni

I come from FIT, New York and am pursuing a master’s in Creative Business Leadership at SCAD, Atlanta. I have been a part of the American and Indian fashion industry for the past 4 years and have been applying my theoretical knowledge at various internships.

My top reasons to mentor 

I am a part of the UC Peer network so that I can clear confusions about the creative industries and engage with like-minded individuals. I hope to build a  network of creatives by the end of this all.

Simran Chhabra

I am at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, which is just three hours away from New York City. I study fashion design and merchandising but I have a passion for many other subjects like psychology, history, literature, law, political science and much more. I love reading and exploring new places . I also participated in the freshmen year Florence program which allowed me to spend an entire academic year in Italy which will always be one of the most amazing experiences to me.

My top reasons to mentor 

I have experience in working with teams which allows me to understand and adapt myself to their needs as a team. The peer network at UC will give me an opportunity to connect with driven and like-minded people who want to go out into the world and make the best of the plethora of opportunities that are available in the world. Not only will that help me build my network but it can also benefit the mentee to take advantage of my connections.

Ashinjina Santram

I studied at Mayo College Girl’s School Ajmer and am currently pursuing a BA in Psychology at Flame University Pune. I love to learn and engage with my environment. I am going into my second year and am part of the Alumni Relations Cell and the Editorial group of my college. I have also interned in a counselling firm and am looking at volunteering with a Children’s Foundation.

My top reasons to mentor 

As I have gone through the process myself I know how difficult it can get. Being advised by elders can be frustrating and intimidating, as a peer mentor I would be more like a friend who can provide them with help and support. I am looking towards becoming a counselor myself, so I believe that this will give me an insight and experience into what it feels like. I feel this will be an opportunity for me to grow as well. Meeting new people and engaging with them will help me become more understanding and empathetic.

Noor Sharma 

I am an undergraduate student at Ashoka University pursuing a double major in Economics and Psychology. I chose commerce as my stream in 11th grade and graduated from Amity International School, Saket in 2020. Coming into college, I joined multiple clubs, the workload was manageable because of the online nature of the semester. My favourite clubs are Ashoka Behavioural Insights Team, and 180 Degrees consulting, since they both contribute to goals of getting involved in the Behavioural Science Consulting scene in India.

My top reasons to mentor 

I believe that the UC peer network  would be an interpersonal journey of growth. It’s a chance for me to expand my network and gain some insights from the mentee as well. I would love to talk about my college experience and help a fellow student out, we all understand how stressful it can get!