UC Alumni stories

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UC Alumni stories

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Smiti Patni

Studying Creative Business Leadership at Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

“2020 was a year of uncertainties however, my time at SCAD has been a good escape from the same. Whether attending classes virtually or in person, SCAD tried to make it a rather smooth experience. Apart from the classes, I was able to attend many virtual events organized by the school with industry experts, and that was the cherry on the top, keeping me busy and productive during an otherwise trying year.

I am also a finalist for the “SCAD Serve Scholarship” for Current students. The decision for this scholarship will be communicated to me sometime in June.”

Frizia Rounak

Studying International Relations at Geneva School of Diplomacy

“2020 and 2021 have been the most hopeful and yet the most difficult years of my life. There were many things I missed out on such as my high school graduation ceremony and more, and at the same time gained so much more – started my Bachelor’s degree at the Geneva School of Diplomacy (GSD) in Switzerland, made new friends, and more. GSD so far has been a great university for me with an international environment, its praxis-oriented approach to learning, a small and friendly environment, and of course its fantastic location in Switzerland – surrounded by hundreds of international organisations which constantly offer great internship opportunities to students. Moreover, we also have these sessions called “Emerging Issues and Persisting Challenges” where state ambassadors, international organisation leaders come and lecture us on current relevant and interesting topics. This also gives us a chance to widen our network in the international community. Overall, GSD is a great university, Geneva has great weather throughout the year, and the friends we make are friends for life.”