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TribesforGOOD is a new-age platform that helps you discover; learn and contribute to issues that you care about while bridging the talent gap for social enterprises. By combining training from grassroots innovators, the team helps you make a positive social impact. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Mumbai, TribesforGOOD is simplifying the journey of a potential changemaker. Currently, their operations are based out of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

If you want to focus more on themes like Gender Equality, Financial Inclusion, Access to Healthcare, and the Environment, TFG will simplify the journey for you and help you contribute to your communities meaningfully.


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Fellowships for College students and professionals.

At University Connection, we are constantly connecting with the right kind of resources for our students.  Depending on the student’s interest, we align them for internship opportunities, summer schools, community service, encourage them to initiate personal projects, and sign up for online courses.

So if you haven’t started building your profile yet, now is the time to start!

To know more about the different activities and events that students partake in to build their profile,  read our blogs on profile building and more.

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