How To Enlighten A Dark Room

How To Enlighten A Dark Room

Is there a space in your house that’s a bit dim?

Would you like to light up this space but don’t know how?

Well, worry no more! INSD, South Delhi brings to the various tricks you can use to enlighten a dark room and every corner of your house.

Let’s start by walking from room to room to assess the causes. Is there enough natural light? Are there dark wooden flooring or dark color walls? Is there enough artificial light?

Undertaking a course from INSD, South Delhi, I’m able to share some useful and handy recommendations I have used to convert my house into my dream place to live in.

Here you go!

Natural light affects your moods as it makes us happy, active, and lively. Choose airy, light-colored window coverings that don’t completely block out the light. Avoid wooden or plastic blinds that block out all of the light. Artificial lighting should be as natural as possible.

Track lighting can really enhance a space without producing a harsh atmosphere. Strategically placed floor lamps with light-colored shades diffuse light. When you want to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere, light some candles! Even replacing the bulbs with higher light intensity bulbs such as LEDs have a major impact on the outcome. Not only do they have a lower light temperature, but they are also energy savers as well.

Next, paint the ceiling with bright white. This helps reflect light instead of absorbing it. One could opt for pastel and reflective shades too. Accentuate walls with bright and bold colors. Use it on dado, stenciling, borders. Just some trimmings can add the color too!

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