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University Connection aims to foster your dreams with exclusive career counseling, premium mentorship, student development programs, overseas college planning, subject workshops, expert sessions, global leadership opportunities, scholarship guidance, university admissions, and more.

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How Counseling at UC Works:

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Have a great session!

Key Features of a Counseling session with an Orange Expert:

Why Book a Career Counseling and College Planning Session?

Clearer Vision On Subject And Stream

With time, you usually know the subjects that you  score well in and enjoy studying, versus those that you dislike. It is therefore essential to make a choice carefully after evaluating your interest and aptitude, which is sometimes not as easy as it seems.

Exploring Future Goals

It’s natural to be fixated on being “successful”. But the first step during your academic journey should be to find out who you are and what you like. Once we together help you find out what you want to do and the impact you want to create, having a long term vision is not difficult.

Novel Career Opportunities

Gone are the days when engineering, medicine, law, and government jobs were where the line was drawn when planning a career. With the advent of technology, the market space has truly opened up, birthing a wide array of new-age career options that are not only interesting but quite lucrative as well

Setting Milestones to Success

Our college mentoring structure provides planning, research, guidance at every step of the way. We not only take up a logical approach to the entire journey, but also focus on emotions and ensure that the student benefits holistically

Profile Gap Audit

With ever-increasing competition, marks are no longer the only criteria to gauge the caliber of a student. Universities across the globe have other parameters that are defining factors for admission. Our Profile Gap Audit exclusively brings attention to a student’s profile and ensures that all necessary aspects of a profile are given importance

Improvement Analysis

Are there some habits or patterns that are blocking your growth? How do we overcome inertia, temper, distractions or any other to become the best versions of ourselves?

Interpreting Family Aspirations

Before we start any research for college preparation, we sit with the family and understand their filters and preferences. What are they expecting in their college list? What are their priorities? Are there any specific locations to target? Such discussions keep us on the same page and ensure a smooth college planning journey forward

Building A Scholarship Pathway

Scholarships have always gained precedence at University Connection as for most families, they are the only way to make studying abroad possible! Find out with your Orange Counselor how you too can get a scholarship!

Student Skill Assessment

Writing, dancing, music, sports, drama, baking or simply being helpful; whatever or whoever be the real you, we as Orange Counselors know that developing your passions is directly linked with being an excellent student

College Planning

The complete applications and admissions process entails more than just filling out forms, taking standardized tests, and asking for recommendation letters. The process involves self-reflection and keeping in mind different factors while creating a college list and more.

The Dilemma of Studying In India Vs Studying Abroad

We created an ebook on this all pervasive dilemma. Apply for Counseling and ask for your free copy

Advanced Development For University

You thought getting into college was the hard part? Wait till you there - academic orientation, laundry matters, budgeting, cultural acceptance, time management, safety, security - there’s so much more to college! Go prepared

UC Career And College Planning Counseling Sessions:

Upto 30min

Tele Counseling

Upto 45min

Basic Counseling

Upto 1 hour - 1 hr 30min


1 hours-2 hours

Stream or Subject selection for Grade 11 / Undergrad / Postgrad
Aptitude test (If needed)

Discussion on requirements of Universities across the world

Discussion on How to Build a Strong Profile
Creating a Personal Profile Audit
Preparing an Application Timeline and Strategy
College Essays / Resume Review and Brainstorming (For Postgrad only)
Discussion on specific target Scholarships

Understanding Financial Planning for College

Deciding on Top Universities to study (US, Canada, EU, Singapore, Australia, UK, India)
Interaction with a Top University Alumni
Specific inputs for OxBridge / LLM / MBA and other competitive admissions

UC Career and College Planning Counseling sessions:

15-30min  30- 45min 1 hour – 1 hr 30min 1-2 hours 
Tele-Counseling Basic Counseling Premium Counseling Ivy Counseling
Stream or Subject selection for grade 11 / Undergrad / Postgrad
Aptitude test (If needed)
Discussion on requirements of Universities in India/abroad
Discussion on How to build a strong profile
Creating a Personal Profile Audit
Preparing an Application Timeline and Strategy
College Essays / Resume Review and Brainstorming (for post grad only)
Discussion on specific target Scholarships
Understanding Financial Planning for College
Deciding on Top Universities to study (US, Canada, EU, Singapore, Australia, UK)
Interaction with an Alumni of a Top University
Specific inputs for OxBridge / Medical admissions / LLM / MBA top admits
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"I've had my first session today and I feel a lot of clarity on the methodology of college entrances and the process of getting there. The team is friendly and my career counselor did a wonderful job in helping me discover what I could do in terms of entrances and the requirements to go about it. The process made college and what it entails a lot more easier to approach"

Neelima Kapoor

"My experience at University Connection was a very enriching one. It was actually an eye opener for me to learn about the various universities and their admission process.. I think all students and their parents who wish to study abroad after completing 12th should come here for counselling session. It would give them a very comprehensive and practical method of planning your career."

Mansanjam Singh Bhatia

"The session was extremely helpful. It helped narrow down my focus areas and align my thoughts. It was a very comfortable interaction and all my questions were answered in detail. I gained clarification on a number of doubts. I would definitely recommend University Connection."

Saudamini Marici

"I met the key mentor, Ms. Charushilla, to understand the way ahead with reference to a prospective doctorate program. Loved her energy and the way the session was conducted. Even though it was only the first session, I am walking out with some clarity and confidence that an overseas education may not be as daunting as I had made it out to be in my head. I look forward to the journey ahead."

Soumya Mathur

"I came to university connection because I am struggling to find what i want to do and where i want to do it. I loved how the meeting was very frank and i felt like i could open up. I got an idea of what needs to be done to get into a good college. I somewhat knew what i wanted to do but I had no idea what to do about it, but now i have a plan. I look forward for the coming meetings."

Manav Khurana

"The counselling sessions were worth while and helped paint a clear picture for the future. It really helped clear the path and branch i needed to pursue and helped develop an clearer overview for the subjects and career options that one might pursue with developing a better overlook"

Mauhak Karla

"The experience was great. Maam Charushilla was very analytical and gave a clear picture of what steps I should be taking in order to progress and prosper in my field. The whole staff is so supportive and encouraging. A delightful experience!"

Paulina Marak

"The session was amazing with Charushilla Ma'am. When I came to UC, I was very confused about which stream to choose and I was more inclined in taking Science but after the session, I felt and understood that Commerce might be my cup of tea. Taking Commerce would be a better decision for me as my aptitude if that of Commerce background."

Shubh Sandhu

"Excellent counsellor. We need more guides like Mrs.Bajpai in all schools and colleges in India. Career confusion is a real threat to one’s happiness; relieved to know that such skilled people exist to help us through that. Highly recommended for students and working professionals looking for clarity or change in direction. Thanks for your patience and time."

Kusharga Parasher

"We first got in touch with Charu Sheela ma'am who planned out an entire milestone map for me, discussed how to overcome whatever obstacles I was facing at that time period within the first meeting and was now there for me at every step of my journey. From that day there was new zest and sense of purpose in me. I felt as if I could blindly trust University connections with the whole college admissions process which was so crucial to me. I was then made to get in touch with my mentor Mamta Bhutani ma'am. She has been more worried and focused about my college applications than I have been myself. There hasn't been a single day where she got impatient with me, she's only been a constant source of motivation for me who pushed me till the end to give my best. I'm now done with all my college applications but the credit really goes to Charu ma'am and Mamta ma'am who have been such a great system of support, guidance and motivation for me. I would definitely recommend University connections to every student out there, it's the best decision I've ever made."

Sehej Dassan


How can I Book a Counseling Session?

The Orange Team is committed to serving you and helping you chalk the perfect college plan for your journey ahead. Please enter your contact information and your Student Admissions Manager will connect with you between Monday through Friday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm IST. You may also reach out at +91 8130130013 or +91 9972409013 | or write to us at or

What kind of Counseling suits me best?

University Connection offers you an opportunity to choose a suitable counseling program that fully intends to help explore your concerns and answer your queries accordingly. In case the information here does not help you decide, please enter your contact information and your Student Admissions Manager will connect with you.

What is tele-counseling? How do I know if it's right for me?
The tele-counseling session at UC is typically 15-30min in duration and hopes to address immediate doubts with regards to subject or stream selection for students at various academic levels. This plan provides an opportunity to take a detailed standardized aptitude assessment to achieve a better understanding if the student is in doubt. It’s best for high school students in grades 9 or 10.
What is Basic Counseling? How do I know if it's right for me?
The basic counseling session at UC involves deeper conversations on careers, subject and stream selection, aptitude analysis and also discussions on the requirements of Universities in India and abroad. The Orange Counselor will also help with a short profile analysis in order to bridge profile gaps, if any! This is usually a 30-45min interaction online best suited for high school students in grades 9-11.
What is Premium Counseling? How do I know if it's right for me?
The premium counseling session is a holistic career and college planning session that includes everything that the basic counseling offers but also includes several additional inputs. Creating a personal profile audit, preparing an application strategy, college essays/Resume review, and brainstorming on ideas to create a strong college application pitch. Meaningful discussions pertaining to scholarships, financial planning, country, and course preparation are also undertaken to arrive at a conclusive result. Although we are never looking at the watch, this is usually a 45min-1hour interaction online. It’s ideal for ambitious high school students in grades 9-12 looking to plan their undergrad and also students in college seeking clarity on their milestones for post graduation.
Do you provide detailed college research before applying?
Our mantra is to find the right college by choice and not by chance. Your aspirations, academic preferences, scholarships dreams, favorite campus, matters to us. University Connection Research Counselors understand your dream college and help conduct a thorough College Research keeping your budget, location, eligibility, admission prerequisites, course details, scholarships, and more in focus. Sign up with UC for detailed College Research as well as a concrete College Application and Admissions (CAAS) Plan.
Can I connect with a counselor before my session?
Connecting with the right person at the right time helps turn a good plan into a great one! To connect with an Orange Counselor please dial +91 8130130013 / 9972409013 or write to us at / / Our Orange counselors are committed to serving you and helping you chalk the perfect college plan for your journey ahead.
Who is an Orange Counselor?

An Orange Counselor or a Student Success Mentor is unique to University Connection. They have not only been through over 40 hours of counselor training along with multiple personal interactions with students and parents but are also passionate human beings who understand that career decisions are life decisions. The spirit of learning, the ability to take in life experiences and make them part of who they are – diverse in perspective & inclusive in personality – makes them awesome!

What can I expect from the counseling session?
Counseling intends to not only help you find answers to your queries but also prepare a plan forward. Our objective is to decipher, guide, and facilitate student careers. Your session will be with a Student Success Mentor who will study, analyze and suggest the right solution to your career concerns and build a university pathway.
Will the counseling session help me with my Essays, LORs, and SOPs?
At University Connection we aim to contribute to your overall academic, admissions and applications journey. The written submissions to the university serve as a structured overview of your goals, achievements, and personality while representing your intellect, perspectives, and future aspirations collectively. This is a long process and cannot be covered in a single session. However, in case of a Premium Counseling Session, the Orange Counselor will share how you can represent the best version of yourself in your college application.
Will my counseling Session help me understand how to apply to anywhere across the globe?
The session will be a 45min – 1 hour interaction with an expert. Prepare your queries well so you can cover more during the session. Also you may indicate your countries of interest in the detailed form before joining the session. Yes, you can! University Connection is here to help you get into the college of your dreams. Since the world today is a global village, we do not believe in regional/national boundaries when it comes to choices or your dreams! In the past, we have not only helped our students seek admission to conventional destinations for studying such as the USA, UK, or Canada but also applied to countries such as Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France and other European countries. Come, apply with us.
What happens AFTER the Counseling Session? Do I get a mentor all for myself?

Yes, you do! A dedicated counselor from the Orange team at University Connection is assigned to you. Your mentor is committed to helping you while handholding through college planning, profile building, structuring your responsibility, and aiding your holistic development as well as growth. Your mentor is at your service throughout the journey and after. Don’t believe us? See what our old students have to say.

I need help with building my profile. Can the counseling session help me?
The Counseling session is the first step that allows the Orange Counselor to review your current profile and help you understand how to strengthen your profile as per your needs and interests. The Profile-building process is initiated post a detailed audit which helps determine gaps and the work needed to bridge those. University Connection counselors are deeply connected with multiple avenues and partners that help us curate the right opportunities for you. These may be in the form of research projects, internships, community engagement, international and national summer schools, and more.